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JS1000 twin shaft concrete mixer

JS1000 concrete mixer is one of the company's first products. The mixer adopts oil-free shaft end sealing system and supercharged upper cover water discharging system. The process is more advanced and the mixing performance is more excellent. It is the ideal machine equipment for customers.

JS1000 twin shaft concrete mixer2

Product advantages

The JS1000 concrete mixer produced and sold by Camelway has the following features:

1. Oil-free shaft end sealing system

There is no need to inject any lubricating oil at the shaft end, which saves cost, has no pollution to concrete, and is easy to maintain;

2. The supercharged top cover launching system

The spraying area is larger, the water is more uniform, and the mixing time is shortened;

3. Foreign supply reducer

Reducer imported from foreign professional suppliers, smooth operation, long service life, low noise, no oil leakage;

4. Special protection hoop

The mixing shaft is provided with a protective ferrule to prevent the concrete from agglomerating and to protect the stirring shaft so that the stirring shaft has a longer service life.

Loading system

The brake motor drives the reel to rotate through the reducer, and the wire rope climbs up along the loading rack rail through the pulley pulling hopper. When it rises to a certain height, a pair of rollers above the bucket door at the bottom of the hopper enters the water rail of the loading rack, and the bucket door automatically opens. The material enters the mixing drum through the feed nozzle.

Mixing system

The stirring system consists of a pulley, a reducer, an open gear, an electric motor, a mixing drum stirring device and an oil supply device. A special sealing device is arranged at the coupling shaft and the two ends of the mixing drum. In order to ensure the quality of the seal, special oil supply is provided on the end face of the mixer drum.

Unloading system

The unloading system consists of a discharge door, a gas pump, a reversing valve, a gas distribution valve, a cylinder, and an electric mechanism. The discharge door is installed at the bottom of the mixer and is pneumatically discharged through the cylinder. The discharge gate seal can be guaranteed by adjusting the position of the seal

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